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2014 BFSU Graduation Carnival
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2014 BFSU Graduation Carnival
The 2014 BFSU Graduation Carnival will be held on 26 June, in front of the main auditorium of the East Campus. We have for you a set of postcards as your TICKETS for the carnival. For every event you participate, you get a stamp on your postcards, and if you manage to collect all the stamps, a special Graduation Pin will be given to you.
Please follow us on WeChat for more updates about the carnival. Our account is beiwaixuegong, or search for 北外WE圈.
1.Event 1: Graduation Video
Date: 1 June 20 June
Do you have anything that you want to say to your friends, your roommates or your teachers, but do not want to say it in person? We can help you make a video. The video will be played on our graduation ceremony as well as at the carnival. Contact us on WeChat and leave your name and phone number, we will get back to you! Also, you will have the chance to get two graduation pins!
2. Timeline: 2010-2014
Date: 26 June
Place: In front of the main auditorium
Let us take you on a journey back to the year when you first came to BFSU. At the carnival, you will find a timeline on the ground that includes all the main events between 2010 and 2014. Take pictures!
3. Open-air Concert
Date: 26 June
Place: In front of the main auditorium
An open-air concert will be held for all graduates. You can send us your requests on WeChat and tell us whom do you want to sing your song. Or even better, you can sing it yourself! All participants have the chance to get our graduation pins. Come and make your voice heard!
4. The Lucky Wheel
Date: 26 June
Place: In front of the main auditorium
Rotate the Lucky Wheel to win prizes, as long as you have two stamps on your graduation postcards.
5. Message Wall
Date: 26 June
Place: In front of the main auditorium
A wall will be set for all graduates to share with us your dreams. We will give you a piece of paper to write on and stick on the wall. You can get a stamp for participating. Also, if you take a picture of you and your dream and send it to us through WeChat, you will have the chance to win a special graduation pin!
6. Picture-taking
Date: 8 June 26 June
Do you have any interesting or creative pictures that you want to share with others? Send them to us through WeChat! Themes include My Teachers, My Love, My Roommates, My Growth, etc. You may have the chance to have a Polaroid picture taken for you or get a Graduation Pin. Also, you might see your own works shown on LED at the carnival!
7. Flash Mob
Date:26 June
Place: Still a secret
Do you want to be part of a flash mob? Send Flash Mob + your name + phone number to WeChat, we will get back to you later!
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