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School System and Semester

There are two semesters in BFSU: the spring semester and the fall semester. The fall semester is the beginning of the academic year, usually from early September to mid January of the next year. The spring semester usually starts from the end of February to mid July. There are summer vacations and winter vacations. The summer vacation usually lasts two month (July and August). The winter vacation is comparatively short and usually lasts four weeks, including the traditional Chinese Spring Festival holiday. BFSU will arrange short-term Chinese language program during summer and winter vacations.

Introduction of the programs

To study in BFSU, you have the following choices:
1.      Degree Program
   Apply for degree programs: Bachelor, Master and Doctor
(1) Bachelor programs last four years. Students can get graduation certificate on the condition that they finish required courses and pass thesis defense. They will be awarded bachelor diploma if they meet requirements.
(2) Master programs last two or three years according to the requirements of different majors. Students would study together with Chinese students. Students can get graduation certificate and master diploma if they get required credits, finish graduation thesis and pass thesis defense.
(3) Doctorial programs last three years. Students can get graduation certificate and doctorial diploma if they get required credits, have certain research achievements, finish doctorial thesis and pass thesis defense.
2.      Non-degree program
(1) General visiting student program
General visiting student programs last half a year to one year. Students can apply to extend their study. They can get course-completion certificate if they finish Chinese language study or other courses as required within their study period, and pass examinations.
(2) Chinese language short-term visiting program in School of Chinese Language and Literature (during summer and winter vacation)
At present only Chinese language short-term visiting program is available. It is suitable for those overseas students who plan to study in China and experience Chinese language and culture in a short period of time. In summer vacation there are usually 8-week class, 4-week class, and 3-week class; in winter vacation usually there is 4-week class (depending on the number of applicants). Class time is from Monday to Friday, with Chinese language class in the morning and Chinese culture class in the afternoon. There will be a sightseeing tour in Beijing city every week. Students would be given BFSU overseas student ID card at the start of their study and be awarded BFSU study certificate at the end of their study.
Basic requirements of application

(1) The applicant should be 18 years old or over;
(2) The applicant should be non-Chinese citizen who holds valid ordinary passport of a foreign country;
(3) Good health and behavior are required. The applicant should also be willing to comply with laws in China and regulations of BFSU, and respect customs of the Chinese people.
* (4) In line with Ministry of education to teach foreign students [2009] 83 “Notice of the Ministry of education on the standardization of the work related to the acceptance of foreign students by the higher education institutions of our country”: ever since the year of 2010, foreign applicants who apply for studying in China must hold valid foreign passport or certificate of nationality for 4 years or over, and has the record of actual residence overseas for over 2 years during the last 4 years (up to April 30 of the entrance year). Living overseas 9 months or over in 1 year could be counted as 1 year, and entry-exit signature and stamp are to be taken as standard. If the applicant meets the above requirements, they should submit the following documents for application:
a. Certificate of naturalization;
b. Cancellation of the original Chinese household registration certificate (except Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents);
c. A copy of entry-exit signature and stamp of the last 4 years (the original document ready for future reference);
d. The certificate of overseas study experience in the last 4 years;
 * (5) Citizens from the Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan who have immigrated to foreign countries yet come back to China and graduated from high schools in China without the restoration of Chinese nationality are foreign nationals living in China. If those citizens are eligible applicants according to application conditions of regular university enrollment in China, they may enter national college entrance examination of China in the location where the admission committee of their province (district/city) appoints, with the presence of the Alien Resident Certificate issued by the public security organs of their province (district/city).

Application and admission procedures

During the application period (usually mid April to early June for the fall semester; mid October to early January of the next year for the spring semester), applicants may log in online application system ( to apply. Applicants must upload the passport and other related certificates required by the major they apply. In this period, we would check the application documents, and timely inform applicants of any document failed to be uploaded. Necessary examinations would be arranged. Applicants could inquire application progress anytime by logging in the online application system.
If the applicant is admitted into the university, we would send them “Admission Notice” “Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 form)” “A Letter to New Students” and other related materials as soon as possible. It would take at least 4-5 weeks from the completion of admission to the sending of the materials.
Please come to BFSU for registration in the time set on the admission notice. BFSU would arrange airport pickup at terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport (please find the exact time for pickup in “A Letter to New Students” sent together with the admission notice). Please bring “Admission Notice” the original “JW202 form” and eight 2-inch certificate photos with white background upon registration. Students who have conducted health examination please bring along all original materials concerned.


Please take “Admission Notice” “JW202 form” “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” and “Blood Test Report” (all should be original documents) to Chinese Embassy (Consulate) and apply for visa to study in China.

Medical insurance

According to the regulation of Chinese Ministry of Education, overseas students who study in China must buy medical insurance in China. Students can buy Comprehensive Insurance for Foreigners Staying in China (accidental injury and hospital medical treatment) offered by PINGAN Insurance Company of China at the registration desk on the registration day. Premium would be 300 Yuan/6 months and 600 Yuan/year. Students who do not have required medical insurance would not be allowed to do registration.


BFSU offers different overseas student dormitories to be selected. If the student is not going to live on campus, they should get accommodation in advance and obtain the accommodation certificate issued by the local police station in accompany with the householder. Registration and visa procedures could only be carried out with the accommodation certificate.

Tuition fee

Remittance Account

Account No: 0200007609026402172

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