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Introduction to Programs for International Students


Academic Program 2—Bachelor’s Degree Programs for International Students

The Department of Chinese as a Foreign Language aims to provide undergraduate students with a high proficiency in Chinese language and culture. Its four-year undergraduate program accepts international students every spring and autumn. Over 500 students currently study at the Department.

Since 1992the Department’s degree programs have seen a steady improvement in curriculum design, teaching methodology, syllabus planning, assessment system and course management. Great importance is not only given to systematic learning, but also to the development of the students’ communicative competence. Five programs are currently on offer, namely, Chinese Language, Literature and Culture, Business, Chinese and English, and Chinese Language Teaching—all based on Chinese language learning.

The Department has long carried out academic exchanges and cooperation with universities in Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries. Every year, it trains students sent by the Japanese NPO International Education Sponsorship, the Malaysian government and MARA Group. Besides, various projects such as the ISI International Chinese Institute Project, 3+1 Program of Kansai Gaidai University, Japan, 2+2 Program of Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea, 2+2 Program of Woosong University, South Korea, International Bachelor Project of Yeungjin College, South Korea, 2+2 Project of Daito Bunka University, Japan, 2+2 Study Abroad Program of Kansai Gaidai University, Japan as well as the Chinese Culture remote lectures themed as “Studying Abroad in Beijing” (initiated in the spring of 2010) to Japan Kansai Gaidai University are all well under way.

Around 2,000 international students have graduated from DTCFL since its inception, and are currently playing an active role all over the world in various fields such as education, culture, trade, diplomacy, etc, and contributing to strengthen the relations between China and other countries.

Degree Programs



Chinese Language & Literature

²  Chinese Language Studies

²  Chinese Literature & Culture

²  Business

²  Chinese and English

²  Chinese Language Teaching

Course duration

4 years

Tuition (RMB/Year)



24,150/Semester(Chinese-English bilingual)

Application fee (RMB)


Application deadline

Spring Semester: 10 January of each year

Fall Semester: 30 June of each year


Spring Semester/Fall Semester

Entry Requirements

1. High school graduate certificate with valid passport

2. HSK-4 (above 180)

3. A Pass mark in the exam taken at the School of Chinese Language and Literature (SCLL)

(The exam takes place after the new semester registration)

Program Characteristics

²  Selective curriculum: required courses, elective courses coupled with diverse interesting classes and foreign language classes (English, Japanese and Arabic).

²  Outstanding faculty: mainly composed of internationally experienced Chinese professors, the majority being experts from the Confucius Institute Headquarters and interviewers of overseas Chinese teachers.

²  Flexible Cultivation Mode: cooperative running school with universities across the world by adopting “2+2” mode (i.e. 2-year study in one’s own country and another 2 years in Beijing Foreign Studies University) and “3+1” mode (i.e. 3-year study in one’s own country and another 2 years in Beijing Foreign Studies University)

²  Interesting language activities of and social interaction: Each semester, the School organizes a rich variety of activities involving language and social interaction on regular basis. For example, fourth graders go on a field trip outside Beijing. Led by the teachers, they will visit enterprises, schools, etc to meet local people and to deepen their knowledge about the country and its culture.

²  Well-arranged guidance for thesis completion: the fourth year students will be guided on a one-to-one basis during each stage when writing their thesis.

²  Diversity in student composition: foreign students coming from over 50 countries and domestic students from different provinces create an international learning atmosphere leading to the development of cross-cultural communication skills in everyday life.

²  Scholarships are available for excellent students: National Scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarships, Excellent Student Scholarships, and Excellent Thesis Scholarships etc.

Checklist of Required Items

²  Copy of photo page of passport

²  Three recent passport photos

²  Application form

²  Custody release form

²  Proof of Chinese Proficiency: HSK (Majors delivered in Chinese)

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