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Introduction to Programs for International Students


Academic Program 1—Non-Degree Programs for International Students

Programs for General Non-degree Students

The Advanced Programs of the Chinese Training Center begins classes in the spring and autumn semesters each year, with the curriculum lasting 18 weeks each semester. Teaching of the Chinese language is offered at preliminary level, intermediate level and advanced level, which are also subdivided into a total often sub-levels, with students assigned to classes according to their level of language competence. The program caters for all levels, from the zero-basis starters to those who have mastered over 8,000 words and have a near-native competence of Chinese. The courses are focused on aural and oral training in small-sized classes, with about 15 students in each class.

The Chinese Training Center sets 2 to 3 compulsory courses and some 20 elective courses every semester for students at different levels. The compulsory courses consist of Chinese Oral Practice, Reading and Writing Practice. The School also offers elective courses suited for different levels, including elementary reading, elementary writing, elementary audiovisual-oral practice, intermediate audiovisual practice, intermediate newspaper reading, advanced writing, introduction to Chinese Pronunciation, introduction to Chinese characters, idiomatic expressions and other courses for improving language skills. Moreover, it offers culturally-oriented courses including A General Introduction to China, Chinese Popular Culture, Chinese Cuisine and Travel in China. Others are know-how courses, such as Chinese-Japanese Translation and Business Chinese; at the same time. The School also offers new HSK tutorial classes for students at different levels.

Besides classroom teaching, in each semester the Chinese Training Center also organizes interesting activities for improving students’ language skills, such as a Talent Contest, a Composition Contest, Fan Games, a Video Contest, International Sales Gatherings and a New Year’s Party. Such events not only extend the classroom learning, but also enrich campus life. Each semester, foreign students are invited to participate in social activities related to “Language-Culture-Society” both inside and outside Beijing, such as panel discussions with Chinese counterparts, visits to companies and places of interests, attendance of various performances and exhibitions, for students to have extensive contact with Chinese people and to gain a more profound understanding of Chinese society.

Non-Degree Programs

Compulsory Courses

Elective Courses



²  Elementary Chinese

²  Preliminary Oral Chinese

²  Intermediate Chinese

²  Intermediate Oral Chinese

²  Intermediate Reading and Writing

²  Advanced Chinese

²  Advanced Oral Chinese

²  Advanced Reading and Writing

²  Various language skill courses

²  Various cultural courses

²  Various know-how courses

²  New HSK tutorship for students at different levels

Study Period

0.5 Year1 semester

1 year


Tuition (RMB)




Application feeRMB



Application deadline

Spring Semester: 10 January of each year

Fall Semester: 30 June of each year



Spring Semester/Fall Semester


Entry Requirements

1.High school graduate certificate or above

2. A Pass in the entry exams



Special Training Programs

The Project Division of the Chinese Language Training Center is also responsible for special training programs for international students. The training focus, length and organization are adjustable to meet different needs and to achieve the best results. The Division has launched the following projects: MBA Training Program of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA, Business Chinese Training Program of the DeutscherAkademischeAustauschDient (DAAD), Chinese-Japanese Simultaneous Interpreting Training Program, Chinese Training Program for Law Enforcement Liaison Officers, Chinese Training Program of the Sapienza University of Rome, Chinese Language Training of EU Science and Technology Fellowship Program, China-EU Junior Managers Training program and China-EU Legal Chinese Training Program, etc. We welcome inquiries from organizations and individuals for customized different special training programs offered by our School.

 Program Characteristics

²  General advanced projects with diversified types of teaching and complete teaching system. Based on the Chinese level of learners, ten sub-levels cover the requirements of all, from the zero-basis to advanced students, offering learners great opportunities for improving their language competence in Chinese in the shortest possible period of time. 

²  Specialized training programs with unique features and tested teaching effect, based on the requirements of the program organizers and students, through the design of specialized courses and the adoption of particular management methods. 

²  Well trained teaching staff. The faculty is equipped with solid knowledge, rich teaching experience and flexible teaching methods, focusing on the overall training of students, including both active and passive language competences.

²  Diversified elective courses. Over 20 elective courses are offered to students at different levels.

²  Abundant language practice. Various language practice sessions and activities held by the School on a regular basis are not only an extension of classroom learning for students, but also help students achieve a better understanding of Chinese culture.

²  Extensive cooperation and communication. Thriving cooperation and communication relations have been established with many universities and institutes around the world. Currently, with 22 branches under its management, Beijing Foreign Studies University manages the largest number of Confucius Institutes in China.

²  Diverse learning environment. Over 1,000 foreign students from almost 50 countries choose BFSU to learn Chinese each year. With both Chinese and foreign students studying at the same school and in same classroom, the set-up allows for a relatively wider cross-cultural communication platform, thus dramatically enhancing the learning outcome and cross-cultural communication capabilities of the students.

²  Convenient platform for seeking language-learning partners. Relying on the multilingual teaching advantages of Beijing Foreign Studies University, which is second to none in China, the Chinese Training Center cooperates with the Language-learning Partner Platform of the BFSU student union, offering the best opportunity for foreign students to seek appropriate language-learning partners; in addition, the SCLL also has several hundred Chinese undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. Most of these major in TCFL or International Chinese education, thus meeting the needs of foreign students who wish to find professional guidance.

Checklist of Required Items

²  Copy of photo page of passport

²  Three recent passport photos

²  Application form


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